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Whether you're playing the monolingual or bilingual version, you're looking for a series of words that fit together. Some words will be provided, while others you'll need to find. This is done by exploring the connections between the words. In the basic version of Word Skipper, there are always two connections:

  • A synonym, a word that is very closely related in meaning.
  • An anagram, a word with the same letters but rearranged.


When you correctly guess and fill in a word, the background changes color.



(RE)PLAY: Every time you press, a new game starts.

HINT: This button reveals the first letter.

TIMER: Can be turned on or off. If the TIMER is active and you press (RE)PLAY, the solution will be shown after 15 seconds.

LEVELS 1 & 2

The missing word (BOOST in the example below) has as its neighbors:

  • A synonym (same meaning)
  • An anagram (same letters)

In LEVEL 1, the position is fixed: the synonym is on the left (RAISE), and the anagram is on the right (BOOTS).

In LEVEL 2, the position is not fixed!

LEVELS 3 & 4 

In LEVEL 3, TWO words are missing. They are anagrams of each other (CREDIT and DIRECT) and synonyms of their neighbors (ACCLAIM and STRAIGHTFORWARD).

In LEVEL 4, anything goes: neither position nor quantity is fixed! You only know that there is at least 1 pair of anagrams and 1 pair of synonyms.

Multilingual Variants

There are two multilingual variants:

In variant LEVEL 1, you are looking for a translation of the left word that also exists in the other language, and its translation is on the right.

Example: NAT - WET - LAW
"Wet" is a homograph word that exists in both Dutch and English.


In the second variant, we are not looking for multilingual homographs but rather multilingual anagrams.