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Welcome to LAFF -  Language Fun & Facts!

LAFF (pronounced /læf/) is a diverse, creative and light-hearted collection of short (English) language-related topics. It is mainly - but not exclusively - aimed at Dutch-speaking learners of English. Starting from jokes or fun facts we look at the underlying linguistic concepts. Whether you are a high-school student learning English, an anglophile, a linguaphile or all or none of the above, I hope you may find something of interest here. 

To get the ball running, let's do a quick analysis of the name of the course "LAFF". If you like reading that snippet, this course might well be something for you!

LAFF is an ACRONYM: it is a non-existent but perfectly pronounceable word made of the first letters of the word group LAnguage Fun & Facts. Moreover it is also a  HOMOPHONE -  it sounds exactly like the word LAUGH. In fact, that turns it into a special kind of acronym viz. an APRONYM since the meaning of the word to which it is homophonic (viz LAUGH) is related to the meaning of the words constituting the acronym (having fun).



patrick Braeckman
6 maanden geleden


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