Youglish is an extremely useful website designed to help you improve your pronunciation!!

  • Simply enter the word or phrase which you would like to pronounce into the search bar and Youglish will provide you with hundreds of videos in which your desired word is said in context.
  • Note you can select which variant of English you would like to use.
  • It also provides you with a phonetic breakdown of the word in question.
  • You can click on any word in the sentence being said in the video and Youglish will provide its definition, examples of its use in a sentence, and synonyms.
  • You can even test your pronunciation on words that have sound similarities with the word you looked up.

A dream tool for language learning!

Below we list some words that are often mispronounced by speakers of Dutch. You can click on the word and it will bring you to the Youglish site.